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Starting Your Journey to a Healthier You: Joining Our Low Country Chiropractic Family

Welcome to our chiropractic clinic in the Low Country of Georgia, where your journey towards optimal health begins! As a new patient, we want you to feel comfortable and informed about the chiropractic care you will receive. We'll start by asking you to fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire and patient introduction form. Our expert chiropractors will then conduct a thorough examination focused on your spine and nervous system. We use advanced technology to measure spinal heat, electrical impulses, and take spinal x-rays, providing us with the information we need to give you the best possible adjustments to alleviate your pain. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and function, so you can enjoy life to the fullest. We look forward to working with you!

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What To Expect

Our examination procedures focus on your spine and nervous system health. They consist of a thorough spinal and nervous system exam, including "palpation” — a method of checking your spine by hand. Your doctor can feel areas of your spine that may be causing subluxation problems. They can also examine your spinal position, curvatures, and muscle tone related to possible spinal subluxations.

Your examination may also include specialized equipment designed to better access your spine and nervous system. The first part of your examination process may involve reading spinal heat differences from one level of the spine to another, as well as from one side of the spine to the other. Heat is a byproduct of circulation controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This examination method can help us see how subluxation may be affecting your body’s circulation and the related functions of your nervous system.

In the second part of your examination, we may perform scans on the surface of your spinal area to evaluate surface electrical impulses and measure them along your spine. This technique helps measure the effect of subluxation on the motor nerve system and the impact subluxations may have on your muscles.

The importance of each of these tests will be explained to you in your Report of Findings. However, it is important to note that this examination helps us scientifically understand the subluxation processes happening within your spine. It also gives us a baseline for future tests to accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is correcting and how your nervous system is functioning. Using these examination procedures is much more accurate than measuring "how you feel" on any given day.

Spinal X-rays may be taken depending on your age and situation. X-rays are a common part of the examination process when looking for vertebral subluxations. They give us essential information, including the position of the spinal bones, the quality of the spine, and the safety of adjusting it. X-rays also tell us the relative length of time subluxations may have been involved in your spine. Commonly, most patients receive three spinal X-rays at the beginning of their treatment plan.

With this critical information, we can more accurately determine the type of adjustments your spine needs and the ongoing frequency of your care. Your doctor will explain your X-rays to you in detail during your Report of Findings, which we will schedule within a few days of your initial visit.

The first visit is your most important visit and may take up to one hour. During your Report of Findings appointment, we will give you a care plan and go over any special instructions you need to obtain the best results. We have set aside specific times for these visits to interfere with regular patient care hours. You deserve the utmost attention and care from us!

Are you ready to get back to living an active, pain-free lifestyle?

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